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my biography? oh, i hate this part, but here goes...

personal-i am married to great guy and we have 4 amazing boys-jake, robbie, brad and hunter. almost all of my family lives out of state, so luckily i get to travel a lot and am able to see them often...i adopted my own God parents that luckily keep me in line when i'm home.

professional-opened a scrapbook store in 1997 and then ventured into the direct sales world in 2001 with I Remember 2005 i partnered IRW with Xyron and made one of my smartest moves yet...i now run the irw division without the stresses of owning my own business. i am fortunate enough to travel around the country meeting wonderful women, helping them preserve their most precious moments, making great friends and learning so much from strong and empowered women. and i get paid for this? wow...what blessings i have...


my hobbies/favorites? ok-outside of my family of course, its a daily struggle...i seriously love most foods. :) traveling is the worst for me because i love cultural cuisine... 5. my home-i love my house! i, here they are... my loves... 1. working-i'm addicted because it doesn't feel like work. seriously...i love to get up everyday. 2. coffee-starbucks bab